General points about camp

How can I get my child on the summer camp?

Because we are only a small charity, places are limited to affiliated organisations, and are prioritised to children who would benefit from a summer break, but by all means, if you live in South London use the contact page to send us your contact details and if there are spare places, you will be contacted.

What is the age range of children attending the camp?

7 to 10 years.

Which London boroughs do you cover?

Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Greenwich

Which organisations are affiliated to the HVG?

Ashmead Primary School (SE8), Clapham Youth Centre (SW2), Edmund Waller (SE14), Glenbrook Primary School (SW2), Granton Primary School (SW16), Kender Primary School (SE14), Lambeth Children and Young People's Services, Meadowgate School (SE4), Monson Primary School (SE14), St James Hatcham CE Primary School (SE14), St Joseph’s Primary School (SE10), Sudbourne Primary School (SW2), Ashmead Primary School (SE8).

How many children attend the summer camp?


How many staff help on the summer camp?

There are 25 volunteer staff, of which 5 are floating staff, who are not directly involved with the day-today care of the children whilst on the camp site. However, the 5 staff are involved in off site activities with the children such as outings, but primarily their role is to oversee the smooth functioning of the camp, cooking, cleaning, washing up, shopping etc.